Painting Fun Time

A few of our residents enjoying watercolor painting.

They love their paintings!

ADL Challenge

SHC of Ormond residents passed out eggs to the staff filled with candy and ADL question. The staff returned them for an Easter basket drawing. The winner was Amaziah (CNA) This was a great learning tool.


SHC of Ormond had a nice Easter weekend! We had an virtual Good Friday service, dyed eggs and the Bunny visited on Sunday passing out little bunnies and eggs to the residents!
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Reflect N Us

Signature HealthCARE of Ormond Reflect N Us art show was small but nice this year!

The residents enjoy displaying their art work!

St Patrick’s Day

SHC of Ormond celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with our fun cart going room to room passing out shamrock cookies and punch.
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Everyone had a fun time!

Mammoth Caves Virtual Tour

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SHC of Ormond got the pleasure to do the Virtual tour of the Mammoth Cave. All the residents enjoyed it and cant wait to do another tour!

Activity Professional Week

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SHC of Ormond had a great time celebrating Activity Professionals Week. We did theme days from 70’s Day, pajama day, Opposite day, Australia day and then team day. the residents and staff got to pie the Admin (Rubin) and myself on Friday to raise money for activities. We all had a great week!

Happy New Year!

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We celebrated the New Year with our New Years cart going room to room passing out sparkling grape juice and cookies. Everyone had a great day! Cheers to an amazing 2021!

Merry Christmas!

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SHC of Ormond residents got a visit from Santa today he went room to room passing out gifts for every resident. Every resident lit up when they saw Santa.

Holiday Fun

[custom_gallery source=”media: 3495,3496,3497,3498,3499,3500,3501,3502,3503,3504,3505″ limit=”11″ link=”lightbox” target=”self” width=”175″ height=”175″ title=”never”]SHC of Ormond kicked off Christmas with a drive by parade on Tuesday some of the families that participated decorated their cars and dressed up to see their families. They all enjoyed seeing their loved ones. We held our staff Christmas party on Wednesday everyone enjoyed the food and gifts.