Field of Dreams

In talking with the residents about their “dreams” several wanted to go see a ball game. So….a phone call was made to Jackie Robinson Stadium, home of our very own Daytona Cubs baseball team.  They very graciously donated tickets to a day game on May 2nd.  It was a great day, we were under cover, and a beautiful breeze kept us cool as we watched the game!  Of course hot dogs, soda and popcorn were necessities to enjoying the game.
We decided to make it a 2 day affair with the theme “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”  On Tues. May 1st we had a very special visit from “Cubby” the Daytona Cubs mascot.  The residents greeted Cubby by singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.”  Cubby made visits to all of our residents, and even took a turn at the reception desk (picture attached). The visit was followed by the movie “The Jackie Robinson Story.”  Then  early Wed. morning we packed up to go to the ball field.  What an exhausting and exciting 2 days with the residents who loved every fun packed minute.  When we were going to leave the ballfield, one of the residents asked what time it was and when she was told she responded, “Is that all? It’s early yet, I thought we’d be out longer.”  She was having such a good time, she didn’t want to leave!